HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw, 750W Laser Guide Electric Circular Saw, 3500RPM Saw Power Tool with 6 Blades

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  • [ POWERFUL MOTOR & 6 BLADES ]Powerful 750W 6.2A pure copper motor delivers 3,500 RPM high cutting speed, you can use it to cut wood, plastic, gypsum board, PVC pipes, ceramic tiles more easily. 6 Blades: 2x24T TCT(120mm) for wood cuts/ 2x60T HSS(115mm) for plastic and soft-metal cuts/ 2pcs grit diamond blade(115mm) for tile cuts, extending the applications of the compact circular saw.

  • [ 0-45°BEVEL CUTTING & DEPTH GUIDE ]The HYCHIKA Power mini circular saw allows you to change your cutting angle freely from 0° to 45°. Equipped with adjustable cutting depth, the max cutting depth of 1-11/16″ at 90°and 1-1/8″ at 45° can meet your versatile needs. Easy-set depth gauge lever for adjustable cutting depth from 0-25mm(1”)

  • [ LASER GUIDE & STRAIGHT CUTTING ]The class 2 laser guide ensures a professional and precise cutting line, red light enhances visibility convenient for cutting. Left-sided blade design for great cut-line visibility. A parallel guide attachment ensures straight, precise cuts easily and quickly.

  • [ SAFETY & ERGONOMIC DESIGN ]The double protection switch avoids accidental opening of the machine and ensures safer cutting operations, greatly improve the safety of cutting. HYCHIKA power mini circular saw has optimized ergonomic slim grip and soft rubber handle reduces hand fatigue effectively


  • 1 * HYCHIKA Small Circular Saw 750W

    2 * TCT 24T blade

    2 * HSS 60T blade

    2 * Diamond Blade

    1 * Hex Key for Changing Blades

    1 * Parallel Guide

    2 * Vacuum Cleaner Adapters

    1 * Cells for laser guide

    1 * User Manual

Additional information

Brand Name


Power Source

AC, Electric Powered





Saw Type

Circular Saw






Home DIY

No-Load Speed



Wood Saw



Rated Input Power


Max. Cutting Width


Model Number



60HZ & 50HZ

Max. Cutting Depth


Blade Diameter




US Voltage

120 Volts

EU/UK Voltage

230 Volts

Measurement Accuracy


20 reviews for HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw, 750W Laser Guide Electric Circular Saw, 3500RPM Saw Power Tool with 6 Blades

  1. Y***o

    Самый быстрый из более чем моих заказов! За 5 дней до Липецка с момента оплаты! Машинка завтра пойдет в работу, дополню отзыв! Но упаковка , комплектация, внешний вид инструмента – 5 из 5 звёзд! Продавцу – моё почтение! Жму руку. Всего самого наилучшего и здоровья!!!!

  2. A***h

    Very, very high quality in appearance. On the fall all in Russian. BTW Wood disc 125mm. Everything is very convenient-I hope the motor will work for a long time. The sound of the motor is very pleasant. Let’s see how it works. Thank you. If well saw-I will order other equipment this company

  3. AliExpress Shopper

    Excellent mini circular. But there is not enough circle on the lerove with more teeth for a cleaner cut. But in such a complete set it is fire. For sawing OSB, plywood and similar mpterial-an excellent option.

  4. b***b

    Мини циркулярка отличная! Пилит на ура! В руке лежит удобно. Тяжеловата, 3,5 кг, надеюсь из-за мощи 750вт Продавца и пилу рекомендую!

  5. e***e

    Everything came quickly. all that in the photo everything in the kit included checked everything works. 2 batteries. 6 discs and for vacuum cleaner nozzles.

  6. g***g

    Very fast delivery. Got in five near the house. Packing in perfect condition, complete complete (Guide, key, 6 discs, two adapters for vacuum cleaner and spare batteries for laser). In the hand is comfortable, but heavy. powerful with idle turn on, I think peeling will be easy. In appearance, made qualitatively of good plastic.

  7. A***F

    Guys just a bomb delivery ordered 11:11 came already today 14:11

  8. O***v

    Chelyabinsk, delivery to Pyaterochka ordered 11.11 received 15.11. Everything is fine, I liked the tool, the discs are not of perfect quality, but they will work. Ordered a set of discs workpro with a landing of 9,5 like should come up, although there are 120 Wood, native for 10 a little luftyat. I’ll get a feedback in a couple of days. Instruction for Russian.

  9. A***v

    Quickly delivered, ordered the 12th, and the 15th was brought to Postamat, in the 5th. Soundly made, quality materials. Soft 2 m. Cord. A rich set of 6 discs (2 discs for various materials), an adapter for a vacuum cleaner, an emphasis, spare batteries for a laser. Convenient grip, chose in this performance. Long chose between hychika, workpro and Newone, read comments and made a choice in favor of hychika.
    As I try in work, I’ll add a review.

  10. R***v

    Everything is clear and fast, went to drink 5 days to the Stavropol territory, tried on a plywood 2.5 cm saw instantly you can say. I liked it.

  11. AliExpress Shopper

    11.11.21 order was issued, 25.11.21 goods received. Thank you seller. In the complete set of 6 discs, an adapter for a vacuum cleaner, in the laser pointer batteries are already standing, 2 batteries in addition, a guide. The saw is made qualitatively. I tried it on idle, it works. I didn’t try it. After testing, I will complement the review.

  12. AliExpress Shopper

    Made qualitatively, in work did not check yet (not season)

  13. M***v

    Turns on, turns on. Complete set. In carton box. Delivery by courier to door

  14. L***n

    I brought the courier, the delivery is fast, the thing is powerful, heavy, the handle is asked on the left side, like a balgarku, there are 2 spare batteries,, they wrote to the seller about spare discs of the same company, replied will be in 2-3 months, in general, while very satisfied, time will show its reliability

  15. A***v

    Compact, light. Adjustment on depth and tilt. Lower shield. Laser to help with cutting sheet materials. Tooling fits with planting 9.5 and 115 in diameter. Discs 125 can be pinched, you need to remove the lower casing, put the ring 9.5-22.2 and replace the pressure washer. Thread clamp Bolt left.

  16. V***v

    The goods received very quickly. The box is slightly damaged (in the photo you can see). The saw itself and the equipment are good-a measuring scale, 6 discs (2 diamond, as for the ears, the rest are ordinary, like a circular) and an air vent for for. Well, I think so anyway. A small detail-foam inside the box is broken, discs made of cardboard packaging all over the box during transportation apparently twisted. On them, silicone nozzles, so nothing was scratched. This is a jamb of the seller-you need to pack better. Otherwise, it’s a saw. Today I will peel the boards. There will be a jamb-I’ll add a tip. But I think it’s gonna be okay. To the seller Thank you, respect and respect)))

  17. n***r

    In addition to what others have said. The length of the wire is 3 meters. Noise measured by the phone: 10 dB-complete silence, ~ 65 dB in a meter from the saw, ~ 80 dB tight. The laser is switched on on the case independently. Horizontally exactly, on the vertical-see the photo. Not a very comfortable grip, but I’ll get used to it. The fork goes with protection.

  18. S***i

    Good staf guys! Fast delivery, the man came straight to the rug apartment.
    I cut the closet, changing the depth. It goes like an oil crumb.
    The only thing this thing is not so easy and one hand in the straight to hold it must have a little muscle)) I made guides, and this baby made me happy! For home, that’s it. Better-mentally unbalanced brake named Jigsaw. I recommend to have in the closes!

  19. D***v

    Delivery 5 days to postomat 5-ki. The saw is good, while only the boards of the 40 k and a thin disk were poured. Complete set as indicated on the site. As in early reviews, there is no bolt near the protective casing (can this thread under some dopnik?). Touched by a jerk, so I ordered a smooth start, but I still did not put it.

  20. A***v

    отличная пила очень добротно сделана, хорошо упакована в комплекте 6 фрез, надеюсь будет служить долго. Подписался на магазин, думаю это первая, но не последняя покупка этого бренда. Подвела только доставка (посылка пришла на 10 дней позже расчётного времени) Но позитивное общение с продавцом разрешило эту ситуацию лучшим образом, за что ему отдельная благодарность.

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